How to find a (good) startup idea?

By Thomas Gonzalez|Posted 08 Jun, 2022

How to find a (good) startup idea?

Running successful startups depends on good ideas and worthy investments. However, many individuals struggle with finding a viable startup idea.

Nevertheless, finding a business idea that helps you discover your market mojo doesn’t have to be overly challenging. 

It just requires some practice and motivation, and you will be able to find various startup ideas from which you can choose the most suitable prospective solutions.

Here is a brief overview of some effective ways for entrepreneurs to find incredible business concepts.

Be Bold To Think Of New Ideas

Being in a rat race with no time to think of innovation has never been the way entrepreneurs think. An entrepreneur always looks for innovation, which comes from brainstorming. 

But before you actually brainstorm for ideas, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you want to offer to your customers, and why?

With these questions answered, you are more likely to come up with incredible business concepts that will set a direction for you. 

Remember, creating a startup in the field you are comfortable working in is the only recipe for business success.

See if you can combine two ideas to make one

With too many people across the globe jumping into the bandwagon of entrepreneurship, finding new business ideas continues to become difficult every year. 

However, combining two different ideas may help you come up with something unique and entirely viable, such as producing pencils with plant seeds. 

This idea brought two entirely different industries together, agriculture and stationery.

Keep an Eye on Public Demand

This case is entirely audience-centric. With this approach, you will have to brainstorm business ideas within the domain of your target customers’ preferences. 

Factors that have a huge say in this regard are your audience’s age group, interests, and behavioral patterns. 

The decision on your future niche will depend pretty much on information about these factors.

Create a Problem

A need is the mother of all inventions. But what is a need? It is a problem from a consumer’s perspective. However, for businesses, it is an opportunity. If you look at some of the greatest startups, you will find that they originated from problems people didn’t know existed. 

But the challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they fail to realize these needs and problems and so remain oblivious to what they can possibly achieve.

The best way to identify consumer needs is to get as much knowledge as possible. This way, you can identify common problems faced by your prospective customers, even if they haven’t realized those problems yet. 

You may even bring unnoticed problems to your audience’s realization and generate demands.

See what your passion and interests are

Some business owners represent their clients unimaginably perfectly. This mainly shows they have produced what they wanted to purchase in the past but haven’t been able to find their desired products on the market. 

The fact of the matter is you can generate good startup concepts if you have good background information on the proposed business model and the type of product you want to introduce to the world.

But despite how good a startup idea may seem, it may just not be viable. Being passionate about something or generating a startup idea from your hobby is a good thing, but you do not want to enter the market with a lack of research.

Pay Attention to Future Trends

Information technology is the most prominent example of how unimaginable things can unfold in the future. 

Things that haven’t been possible 10 years ago are now more commonplace, such as face-swap applications. All this means how powerful information technology is when it comes to shaping innovative ideas into reality.

However, if you want to introduce something related to IT, keep in mind that remaining up-to-date with the latest tech and being able to anticipate change are the only ways to create something unique and attractive.

Get Creative

Let’s first make it clear that being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. Anyone can get creative. And for entrepreneurs, being creative is like lifeblood, without which there is no market success.

It is worth mentioning that being creative is not something unachievable. In entrepreneurship, placing something usual in an unusual environment can be an incredible innovation, provided that you have performed this move smartly. 

In simple words, you can take an idea that is common in one industry and place it in another industry where it is not that common. 3D printing is one such example, in which the digital concept of three dimensions was used to create physical objects.

However, bringing your creativity to life still requires you to remain logical with your approach.

Explore Crowd Funding Platforms

Despite your best efforts, you may sometime fail to come up with good ideas. In such cases, getting a bit of inspiration can be helpful. 

One of the best ways to get inspiration is to browse crowdfunding platforms. These platforms usually benefit from people of different talents and can provide various innovative business ideas. But remember, you have to mind the difference between stealing and getting inspiration. 

Your main aim should be to learn from others and not be a copycat.

Explore Online Options

With COVID-19 coming to an end, people are returning to their routines. However, this pandemic has laid a permanent impact on how people work and interact. 

Many businesses and industries suffered as a result of COVID, but the online marketplace witnessed exponential growth. This is because the COVID era introduced the concept of remote working. 

For this reason, many businesses shifted their operations online to improve their communication with their workforce and customers.

Now, online is a bigger marketplace than ever with plenty of opportunities. Online shopping has become more commonplace than before. And people continue to consume more content on the internet. 

As a result, the demand for SEO consulting, website development, graphic designing, and eCommerce marketing services has increased drastically. This brings enormous opportunities for online and digital marketers and eCommerce businesses.

Look Around For Ideas

You do not have to stick to conventional sources of information to get startup ideas. You may get some viable ideas from things around you. 

No wonder you can find ideas or inspiration from nature, work, your favorite restaurant, or any other place you visit. It’s all about training your mind to notice small things and using your imagination to foresee things according to your perspective.

This way, you can look at routine things from different angles to find unique ideas.

Try Not To Change the World At Once Because You


Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic beings who love to believe they can be the next Google or Facebook. 

Enthusiasm is good, but you cannot be more naĂŻve when believing that you can change the entire world and unlock doors to explosive growth overnight.

Entrepreneurs usually fail to realize that what they see as industry giants had also been startups in the past. Facebook was made to help Harvard students connect with each other. Google was created when the internet itself was in its infancy.

Most of the successful businesses you see today have been struggling startups that weren’t made to change the world. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for a wide-scale acclamation. 

What we really want to emphasize is that you need to take one step up the ladder to reach your intended height.

Final Words

No matter how much you know about your niche, in the end, you will realize that you always have to be a learner to thrive well. 

Based on everything discussed above, it is pretty clear that a startup is a brainchild of an idea you have to remain committed to. You will need to be loyal to this ideal to the extent that you get hungry to learn everything about it. If you want to know the secret code to your startup’s success, this is it.

Remember, beginning with a startup requires you to perform a lot of research and learn in order to widen your knowledge base. You will need to learn the market to identify your audience’s needs. You will also have to identify your ideal clients. 

You will need to keep an eye on your competitors.

Public opinion matters a lot when it comes to promoting your products. This way, you will be able to identify their preferences and get more details about what problem your product or service aims to solve for them. 

You can speak to your friends and ask them to give unbiased opinions. Then, you can widen your scope by including more people in your survey. Even better, you can use online and social platforms to connect with your audience and get their ideas.

In the end, do not let all the hard work to get an idea trick you into believing that you have done the most part. Getting a startup idea is just the initial step. You will need to plan ahead to build your startup based on this idea.

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