Expertise On Demand

CTO On Demand Consultation

CTO Consultation is a good choice for you in 3 cases :

1. You don't have a CTO yet and want to know in which direction to go for your web project.
2. You have a CTO but you are not able to judge his work and need an external advise on it.
3. You have a specific pain point in your project and you need a quick solution for it

CTO Consultation

DevOps Consultation

DevOps consultation is a good choice for you if :

1. You need advise on how to setup a CI/CD
2. You need information on how to setup and deploy docker containers.
3. You have performance issue with you pipeline.

DevOps Consultation

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API Engineering Consultation

API Consultation would be a good choice for you if :

1. You want to start a public API for your company wand to understand the problematic behind it.
2. You need expertise and advice in tools and processes to use for a successful API project.
3. How to make public or partner to use your API by providing them docs and SDKs to ease their integration.

API Development

MVP Development Consultation

Discutons de vos projets de création de startup et challengeons votre produit.

MVP Consultation

Swarmtech Academy

Vous ĂȘtes porteur de projet, et vous souhaitez rĂ©aliser vous-mĂȘme votre MVP et ĂȘtre enfin autonome sur la crĂ©ation de votre application ? Contactez-nous

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