Aurélien Chiren

Entrepreneur - Développeur web

Aurélien Chiren

Aurélien Chiren

MVP coordinator

Engineer in Computer Science & Networks by training, I worked as a SAP BI functional consultant then on ERP SAP Supply Chain Management.

Having an entrepreneurial temperament, I wanted to create my own business in the automotive sector: vehicle rental then purchase / sale. I therefore have a good knowledge of the automotive industry & industry professionals. I was also able to improve my skills in accounting, finance & marketing.

Interested in the startup ecosystem, I have helped several startups with their business issues. I was also a Lyon Startup finalist for a personal project, which allowed me to strengthen my knowledge of startup startups, including screenings and creating an MVP. I regularly have startups challenge them on their product, the issues they are trying to solve because it is essential.

When you are a project leader, one of the big constraints that you have is the tech part, namely the development of our product: developers are a rare gem, and non-tech people see web & mobile development as a black box. They are therefore dependent on the developers for the technical guidance and costing of their technical solution.

Costs can soar and become a real brake on the launch of many projects. Or we can pay for a solution that we cannot reuse later because we have not been able to appreciate its quality and scalability.

These are the brakes that pushed me to complete my course with a javascript web developer training (REACT / Node JS) followed by a web & mobile developer mission (React JS / React Native). I am also interested in Low / No Code technologies in order to choose the best tools according to needs and not, as is the case in many agencies, to promote the technologies that they master, but which are not necessarily the most suitable for your project.

My product and tech vision is now an asset in order to respond to the problems of project leaders.

Technical stack:

Node JS – Express JS

Aurelien Chiren